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Why use a broker?

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday (summer schedule)
9h00 to 18h30
10h00 to 15h00

Monday to Friday
10h00 to 19h00
Saturday and Sunday

Monday to Tuesday
9h00 to 17h00
9h00 to 16h00
Saturday and Sunday



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Before you move

Use this helpful checklist as a reminder of the things you need to do before you move...

Agree on a marketing plan

Your property is not something you sell everyday. In fact, for many people it is their largest asset. A house is very complex to market and the process needs to be well organized. To do the job properly a plan is needed...

Preparing for home inspection

One step that is inevitable in the home selling process is a visit from a professional house inspector. The following are steps that should be taken to ensure your inspection is a success. It is a good idea to be aware ahead of time of any serious problems that may be present in your home so you will be prepared to deal with them...

Why use a broker?

When you have decided to buy or sell a home, the services of a qualified real estate professional are of utmost importance. Here are the advantages of working with a broker...